Customers are at the heart of what we do. Since customer satisfaction is our obsession, we’re always happy to hear when we’re doing an outstanding job. Here are just some of the stories that have helped make us a top-rated backup and recovery solution on the Google Workspace Marketplace, Salesforce AppExchange and G2 Crowd.

“How can you put a cost on the ability to restore a business-critical email for one of your executives within minutes? Spanning Backup for Office 365 has given me the peace of mind that we will always have the data we need at our fingertips.”

– Todd Miller, Director of IT, Millar, Inc.

“I love the peace of mind that Spanning Backup provides. No more manual downloads of huge weekly export files from Salesforce. All of our data is now backed up daily in the cloud, and I can easily find and download data snapshots from the past if needed. This even includes meta data such as report and dashboard configurations, and apex classes and triggers. The native app is easy to configure and use, and very reasonably priced.”

-Carrie Hooper, Sachem

“This service adds a considerable level of comfort to our migration to G-Suite. I’ve never trusted Google as a single point of failure, and there are way too many ways for an accident, virus, or disgruntled employee to wipe out a Google file system. We delayed utilization of Google’s Team Drives until Spanning announced support for them, and until I had tested by “accidentally” deleting and restoring gigabytes of data. So far, I’ve found Spanning to be robust, reliable, and reassuring. I wouldn’t Google without it!”

Dean Willis, COO, Strategar

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“I’m still loving Spanning Backup! Now that I’m at Spredfast, I set up Spanning again, because they too were only using the Salesforce weekly backup, so we resolved that right away by installing Spanning! A few months in, we decided to remove Data.com and replaced it with Discover.Org. What we didn’t realize at the time was that we would lose data tied to fields that we didn’t know were specific to Data.com. Luckily, we already had Spanning, and we were able to create new custom fields and populate them, with the data we “thought” we had lost. Spanning saved the day, yet again for me!”

-Stephanie Herrera, Spredfast

“We lost an invoice last month. Restored it! We lost a report from two years ago. Restored it! For many years I manually extracted data from Salesforce, a time-consuming process, when all I really wanted was a little peace of mind. Thank you Spanning Backup. I get that wonderful green email every day. I’ve used your product to restore some important stuff, and I found that process to be relatively easy. I’m impressed.”

Troy Center, Hearst Business Media

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“For the longest time we have worried that business critical information, both records and reports, could be unintentionally lost. Field changes? Salesforce takes care of that. But changes to reports that are made accidentally (and not caught for months)? Those changes could be devastating for a small company like ours. But with Spanning Backup, those are no longer worries! The simplicity of setup, the ease of use, and the ability to back up records as well as metadata, is HUGE. And the cost? More than affordable! We were sold on this from the first day we heard about it! You will be too!”

-Thad Puckett, The Karis Group, Inc.

“The most important thing Spanning Backup [for Salesforce] has allowed me to do is to have a peace of mind that our data is backed up each and every day. The user interface is extremely simple to use, data is quick and easy to restore and all of this for a reasonable price.”

Melinda Ellis, Pahara Institute

“We are partners with the best backup firm in the world! Simply put I am amazed that what used to take weeks and months of painful processing now takes a few hours and no tapes! Use Spanning with confidence, and if you do need help, be assured that they are fantastic people to deal with, no question is too silly, even if you don’t read their instructions correctly the first time they send them…”

-Shaun Holmes, Desynit.com

“The most important thing Spanning Backup has allowed us to do is focus on our business. When something just works— the way Spanning Backup does— that’s quite refreshing.”

Garry Lengthorn, Director of IT Services, SThree

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“Even Google has its share of issues. Being a consultant, I have seen a few instances of lost data. Even Google is not immune. I’ve been utilizing Google Workspace for years, and one of my first priorities was ensuring I had good backups for my email, calendar and documents. Spanning backup was inexpensive and easy to use – a ‘set and forget’ app that just works. You cannot go wrong with this product!”

-Tim Millard

“Gives me peace of mind for my organization and users. Great version history as well.”

-Peter Holowka

“Easy to set up and use. Good interface, straightforward restore process. Faster and more well-rounded than others.”

-Steve Brown

“We just became customers of Spanning and have been wowed by what this app provides for us. We use it to backup and restore all of our Google: Drive, Calendars, Gmail, and Contacts. It backs up daily and lets you restore from the file structure you have in your Google Drive. The price point is excellent too. What a great find and the customer service has been exceptional. Give the free trial a shot and I think you will see what I am talking about.”

-Doug Young