9 Gauge Partners LLC User Story: Spanning Backup for G Suite

Every data sync can’t be perfect, which Joe Cohen found out when he received a frantic call from one of his coworkers wondering where their shared documents had suddenly gone. The coworker’s file sync had overwritten Joe’s earlier sync, which had caused the folder in question to be suddenly empty.

Luckily, Joe had Spanning Backup for Google Apps installed. He was able to go in and restore the files in a snap. We know most people don’t think about backing up and restoring their files every day, so we’ve designed our interface to be so intuitive that anyone can go in and restore lost files – no IT person required. Joe got his files back, his coworker breathed a sigh of relief, and another disaster was averted because Google Apps backup was in place.

Joe is just one in a long line of our clients to share this type of story. Read more about his experience.