Alzheimer’s Association® User Story: Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

The Largest Nonprofit Funder of Alzheimer’s Research Depends on Spanning to Protect their Critical Data

Dependable Backup and Comprehensive Restore

The Alzheimer’s Association supports the millions affected, drives policy changes, and has invested over $385 million in research.

Since 1980, the Alzheimer’s Association has worked tirelessly for a “world without Alzheimer’s” — the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States — and to support people affected by it. With renowned events like the world’s largest “Walk to End Alzheimer’s,” Rita Hayworth Galas, the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference and the Advocacy Forum, the Alzheimer’s Association has used a triple-pronged approach of providing care, investing in research, and using advocacy to end Alzheimer’s.


The Alzheimer’s Associations Uses Spanning Backup as a Critical Safety Net for their Google Workspace Apps and Data

Google Workspace is an extremely secure platform. However, it cannot protect you from data loss arising on your side — due to user error, malicious intent, malware, etc. “There are cases where a user intentionally does something that we learned cannot be recovered by Google support, and that’s when we thought we needed to find a solution to fill that gap,” says Paul Inboriboon, Director of Tech Infrastructure at Alzheimer’s Association.

Having backup in place is the best IT practice; any critical data that we have, we should be backing up because we’re ultimately responsible for it as an organization.
— PAUL INBORIBOON, Director of Tech Infrastructure, Alzheimer’s Association

This assumption was reinforced when a user left and wiped out their mailbox. The executive director wanted it back— a request which could not have completed without Spanning Backup for Google Workspace.


100% Restore Guarantee for all your requirements — Cross-user, Granular, Point-in-Time and Self-service

Spanning not only offers a 100% restore guarantee for all your Google Workspace data, but also makes it easy to restore data the way you want to. It supports granular, search-based restore, point-in-time restore, end user self-restore and Alzheimer’s Association’s favorite – cross-user restore. “There was a user account renamed, and it actually spawned a whole new user account. We couldn’t get the association back, so we ended up having to take the mail from the old mailbox, put it in the new one, and get rid of the old. One of the features you guys had that other ones didn’t, was the ability to restore to a different mailbox. That was a key piece,” says Jason Assenzo, Sr AD Infra Solutions at Alzheimer’s Association.

Spanning’s cross-user restore is a key piece for us.
— PAUL INBORIBOON, Director of Tech Infrastructure, Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association have been customers since 2015, and they’ve been pleased with how Spanning has constantly improved itself with new features. These include the ability to add multiple administrators, and to auto-add new users. “Being able to have multiple admins was huge,” Assenzo adds

Spanning is especially honored to partner with nonprofits like the Alzheimer’s Association’s, so you’ll can focus on your noble mission. To show our support for the important work you do, we offer qualified nonprofits a 25% discount.


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