AMAG Pharmaceuticals User Story: Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

Innovating Therapies to Improve Lives, Without Worrying about Data Protection

AMAG, the Passionate Biopharm Behind Cord Blood Registry, is Focused on Bringing Life-saving, Cutting-edge Therapeutics to Market

For more than three decades, AMAG’s products support the health of patients in the areas of women’s and maternal health, anemia management and cancer supportive care. They founded Cord Blood Registry (CBR), the world’s largest and most widely used newborn stem cell company.


Their Successful Cloud-first Strategy Rests on a Reliable Backup Solution

To keep pace with technology to support their actively expanding product portfolio, AMAG Pharmaceuticals moved their email, calendar and data to the cloud. To ensure business continuity, best practice dictates a reliable backup for critical data.

“Your job does not end with just moving your data to the cloud. While Google provides a robust and redundant infrastructure, it does not cover for an object that is either accidentally deleted or maliciously deleted,” says Steve Simmons, Director of IA at AMAG Pharmaceuticals.

We knew we could not move to the cloud unless we had data protection in place. And that is where Spanning played an integral part of our cloud-first strategy.
— STEVE SIMMONS, Director of IA, AMAG Pharmaceuticals

Before Spanning, AMAG’s backup infrastructure consisted of a lot of hardware and software, with complex backup windows and licensing models. “Spanning makes the whole backup process easy for our Google Workspace data, including Gmail, Drives, calendar and contacts,” Steve adds.


Spanning Ensures Business Continuity with Effortless Backup and Saves Time with Self-service Restore

Spanning Backup for Google Workspace comes with a 100% restore guarantee and supports both point-in-time restore and granular, search-based restore. Moreover, with Spanning users can self-service their restore, with a few clicks, without depending on the IT department. “It’s really simple, the user just needs to access the Spanning app from within their Gmail screen and then click restore. They can select the drive, and a point in time from when they want to restore their data. It’s that easy,” Steve says.

Spanning’s backup solution really freed up our time to deliver services at the speed at which the pharmaceutical industry demands.
— STEVE SIMMONS, Director of IA, AMAG Pharmaceuticals

The reliability and ease-of-use of Spanning has helped free up the time and effort of AMAG’s small tech department, known as “innovation architects” (IA). “Spanning backup solution really freed up the IA’s time to work with the business. We can pack quite a punch with a small team because we’re able to deliver services at the speed at which the pharmaceutical industry demands. The business really started looking at us more strategically because of this, so for us that was a really big win,” Steve says.

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