BlackLocus Innovation Lab User Story: Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

Trebor Carpenter is the Vice President of Engineering at BlackLocus, an Innovation Lab for The Home Depot.  The company started as a mere idea at Carnegie Mellon University and grew into a prosperous Austin-based startup company aimed at turning complex research and data into valuable insights, solutions, and interfaces for businesses.

After being acquired by The Home Depot in late 2012 and migrating their data storage and management to the cloud using Google Workspace, BlackLocus was able to innovate at mach speed like never before.  Particularly important for the company were the simplicity and unparalleled access offered by the software.

Carpenter made the to switch to Google Workspace “because it’s low friction to set up; it’s low administrative effort to continue to maintain, and it has everything that we need for collaboration within our work.”  Still, he knew that using the cloud comes with certain risks: namely, data loss due to hackers, human error, and sync malfunctions.

That’s why he was so pleased to identify Spanning as the solution to BlackLocus’s data protection worries.

 “Using Spanning Backup allows me to not worry about the safety of our data in Google Workspace.”

Carpenter was so impressed with the ease of use and integration built into our Google backup and recovery solution that he considered his choice to rely on Spanning Cloud Apps a complete “no-brainer.”

Find out more about how partnering with Google Workspace and Spanning helps BlackLocus continue growing and leading in the tech industry.