Clifton College User Story: Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

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A 150-year-old Legacy of Numerous Awards, Notable Alumni and Providing Visionary Education

Clifton College was founded in 1862 to provide education “ahead of its time,” steeped in science, innovative thinking and social equality. Its illustrious alumni include three Nobel laureates, comedian John Cleese, artist Roger Fry, Walter Bentley, founder of Bentley Motors, and Observer editor Roger Alton.

Spanning protects confidential student data and work that could mean the difference between passing and failing their exams. A loss of data could impact their whole lives.
— RICHARD EDWARDS, Network manager, Clifton College

Depend on Spanning to Protect Confidential and Valuable Google Workspace Data

From office staff exchanging business data via GMail, to students and teachers sharing assignments on Google Drive, Clifton College uses Google Workspace extensively for both administrative and academic purposes. While Google Workspace is an extremely secure solution, it cannot protect you from data loss arising from user errors, malicious deletion, malware, ransomware and other threats that could emerge on your side.

Spanning Backup is a great product that fills a gap Google Workspace doesn’t address.
— RICHARD EDWARDS, Network manager, Clifton College

“Spanning Backup allows us to backup all of our Google Workspace data in a secure way, and, in doing so, provides an additional layer of protection for all of our files and email,” says Richard Edwards, Network Manager at Clifton College. That layer of protection is particularly critical for an educational institution, as it holds confidential student information that impacts valuable data – grades and assignments.


Free Up IT Admin Staff with Intuitive Self-Service Restores

As many of the people using Google Workspace at Clifton College are non-technical users, they needed a backup solution that was both efficient, as well as easy-to-use. Spanning is easy enough for staff and student users to backup and restore data without consulting the IT helpdesk. “The Spanning Backup interface is extremely easy to navigate,” Edwards says. “We are even using it for our School Intranet Google Sites page.”

Edwards also counts responsive support as one of the most important aspects of the Spanning experience for Clifton College. “Spanning is very good at supporting their client base and has helped us with any queries in a quick and concise manner,” Edwards affirms. “To be honest, though, you won’t need support; the product does what it says it will — it just works.”

It’s a very intuitive process for end users to restore their own data.
— RICHARD EDWARDS, Network manager, Clifton College

Spanning also recognizes the tremendous contribution of educators to society. Reach out to us about special discounts for educational institutions.

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