Distilled User Story: Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

Award-winning Digital Marketers Don’t Worry About Data Loss

Zero Adoption Effort and 100% Restore: Sleep Easy with Spanning Backup


Distilled Helps Businesses Thrive in the Digital World

Distilled, a decade-old digital marketing agency is the force behind the renowned conference SearchLove and online SEO university, DistilledU. With a global roster of clients and a cache of marketing awards they are well on their way to be “the smartest and most effective digital marketers in the world”. Distilled employees are spread across three offices—London, New York City, and Seattle. And all of them are heavy Google Workspace users who enjoy the accessibility and flexibility of the Google cloud.


… and Counts on Spanning for Simple Data Backup for Google Workspace

After a couple of issues with accidental deletion of individual documents, Distilled realized that the possibility of significant data loss is just not worth risking.

Will Critchlow, Founder and CEO of Distilled, puts it aptly, “Have you ever had that horrible feeling in your stomach when you realized you deleted or lost a precious bit of data? Imagine that on a larger scale, losing every email or document in your company. I trust the Google cloud – and I love having everything available everywhere – but I also know that it doesn’t protect us from deletions that are accidental or otherwise. If anything were to happen, it would be better to have data in our control.”

We chose Spanning backup primarily for the ease of integration and use. It was very much a one-time setup for ongoing peace-of-mind.
— WILL CRITCHLOW, Founder and CEO, Distilled

Distilled chose Spanning as their backup and restore solution because it fully automates and manages the backup minus the fuss. Which is as backup should be.

“Working with Spanning has been incredibly easy. It’s one of the tools that requires the least amount of our time in return for the value it adds. It runs along in the background without being too needy,” Will says.


100% Data Restore: Just Pick the Artifact and Timestamp

Distilled has used Spanning Backup to restore individual documents or whole accounts that were deleted in error.

With Spanning Backup, we can sleep easy, knowing that in the worst-case scenario, we can quickly recover business-critical data even if we somehow lost it from our main accounts. It’ll pay its biggest dividends at the most stressful moments in the future.
— WILL CRITCHLOW, Founder and CEO, Distilled

“One feature that I discovered relatively recently, though, is that you can back up documents that are only shared with your account – rather than only backing up the documents you own – this has saved us a few times when we’ve accidentally deleted documents when someone has left the business,” Will adds.

Data loss is a fact of life. It happens. But recovery can be simple.


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