East Coast Migrant Head Start Project User Story: Spanning Backup for Office 365

Educating and Advocating for Children Leaves No Room for Audit Hassles

Audit Compliance and 100% Data Restore


ECMHSP Equips Children of Migrant Workers for Success

East Coast Migrant Head Start Project (ECMHSP), established in 1974, provides holistic education services and advocates for children and families of migrant and seasonal farm workers. In 38 centers across the US, ECMHSP’s 900 employees and numerous volunteers serve over 3,000 children annually by providing early education, disability, health and nutrition services.

… and Depends on Spanning for Reliable Backup and Easy Restore of Office 365 Data

When ECMHSP transitioned from on-premise email, they realized that they needed a dependable solution for Microsoft Office 365 email restoration. They chose Spanning back in 2015 because it packed the best value in terms of features and ease of use.

“Spanning is intuitive and easy to delegate to my team if I am out of the office,” Andy says.

The functionality and ease of use of the product played a huge factor in moving forward with Spanning.

Spanning’s ease of use stems from a culture of customer focus dedicated to providing an exceptional experience. ECMHSP has found Spanning’s entire team “outstanding” to work with.

“We’re treated very well as a customer. Our renewals are painless, support issues have been non-existent,” Andy adds.

Reliable backup means reliable restore. Spanning has restored ECMHSP email, OneDrive and now, with the latest feature, SharePoint items too. As ECMHSP does a lot of work in SharePoint, Spanning’s addition of SharePoint backup protection was a huge value add, particularly for the admins.


Audit Compliance can be a Hassle, Simplify it with Spanning

With increasingly pervasive and malicious ransomware on the loose, a reliable backup and restore plan is making its way high up on every auditor’s checklist. The plan should enable organizations to quickly find and restore data loss from any event — human error, malicious intent or sync errors. Spanning has helped ECMHSP achieve audit compliance for backup for the past three years, and counting. In addition to helping ECMHSP with audit compliance, Spanning has enabled them to restore lost data numerous times, saving hours of productivity.

Knowing that Spanning is out there backing up our critical data saves my team from worry.

Spanning Backup for Office 365 provides ECMHSP with peace of mind freeing them from worrying about data loss so they can focus on what they do best—making sure children of migrant and seasonal farm workers have a safe, nurturing space to grow to their full potential.


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