Dell EMC User Story: Spanning Backup for Salesforce

The World’s Top Provider of Data Protection Solutions, Trusts Spanning with Protecting their Data

Backup and Restore that’s Easy and Reliable


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Dell EMC boasts of almost four decades of stellar reputation underscored by its regular appearance on Fortune’s Most Admired Computer Companies. As a part of the Dell family since 2015, in what is considered to be the largest-ever acquisition in the technology sector, Dell EMC enables organizations with the essential infrastructure to grow and transform digitally. Central to that is their Data Protection Solutions portfolio, with trusted solutions for organizations to protect their most important asset – data. Since 2014, this has included Spanning Backup for Google Workspace, Salesforce, and Office 365.


Trust Spanning’s Automated Daily Backups, from Within Salesforce, to Reliably Protect their Data

Reliable backup and easy “self-restore” is critical in the Dell EMC Data Protection Solutions sales environment, where up to 1500 reps count on having their data in Salesforce readily available to them at all times. They used to rely exclusively on the Salesforce manual weekly export to handle their backup needs.

“If you’ve ever done Salesforce backups using their standard backup tool, you know it’s not easy,” says Dave Medlicott, Senior Manager at Dell EMC. “It sends you this massive email with your backup data, and you have to store it somewhere – who has time for that?”

If you’re not doing backups, you’re asking for trouble – and if you are doing backups, whatever you’re using now isn’t as simple as Spanning.
— DAVE MEDICOTT, Senior Manager, Salesforce Data Protection Solutions, Dell EMC

Dell EMC first started using Spanning Backup for Salesforce back in 2014. “Spanning is a one-time ‘set-it-and-forget-it thing’ that’s going on in the background, reliably backing up the data,” Medlicott explains.

Better still, Spanning Backup is delivered through a tab directly inside the Salesforce application, putting backup, restore, and status reporting features at each user’s fingertips. As Medlicott affirms, “With Spanning Backup, everything you need is right there in one place.”


Self-service Restore that’s Easy and Dependable

part from Spanning’s automated, fail-safe daily backups, it’s Spanning’s ability to restore data in seconds from any point in time that has significant business benefits.

“With Spanning, I know that if someone accidentally deletes something, we can recover it. If anything bad happens, we’re good,” Medlicott says. He recounted an instance when an admin accidentally clicked ‘Delete’ instead of ‘Update’ when using the Excel connector to do a mass update of 13 Opportunities, “Because we use Products on our Opportunities, the child records could not be recovered from the recycle bin. We used Spanning Backup to restore the records as they were saved earlier that day,” Medlicott says.

Every time I check, the backup is going perfectly. The data is always 100% backed up.
— DAVE MEDICOTT, Senior Manager, Salesforce Data Protection Solutions, Dell EMC

Restoring data with Spanning is so easy that the division’s Salesforce users and administrators can resolve their own data loss concerns with easy on-page restore. This allows time and energy to be spent on innovation, instead of worry over SaaS data protection and compliance.

Based on their experience and trust in Spanning Backup, Dell EMC go a step further and recommend Spanning as a reliable data protection solution. “Spanning Backup is one of the solutions we offer as part of our best-of-breed approach to data protection,” Medlicott says. “And we use it ourselves, which provides our sales team with a great reference account.”


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