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Endemol Shine Australia, Australia’s largest production company, is the force behind the Australian MasterChef, Survivor, Shark Tank, The Bachelor, The Voice and The Biggest Loser. Need we say more?

Spanning Backup for Office 365 has allowed us to move forward with the confidence that our Office 365 data is secure and easily restored.
— BARRY ZANELLI, Head of IT, Endemol Shine Australia

With a lineup of the most popular and exciting franchises on television, Endemol Shine Australia is a global content creator, producer and distributor. They started using Spanning Backup for Office 365 in 2015, after transitioning from on-premise Microsoft Exchange to Office 365.


Endemol Shine Australia Know that Catastrophic Data Loss is an Ever-present Risk. They Picked Spanning to Mitigate it.

“We realized we needed a third-party backup solution after it came to our attention that Microsoft does not protect against data losses stemming from our side,” said Barry Zanelli, Head of IT.

Microsoft safeguards data from failures that might occur on their end. It is the customer’s responsibility, however, to keep data safe and easily recoverable from risks that can occur on the customer’s side. These can include accidental deletions, hacking, viruses, and ransomware.

The solution is so easy to install and use. We could find no competitor that even comes close to measuring up.
— BARRY ZANELLI, Head of IT, Endemol Shine Australia

After evaluating competitive products, the company chose Spanning Backup for Office 365. “The solution is so easy to install and use. The sales team was also friendly and helpful. I can’t think of anything Spanning could do to make our experience any better,” Zanelli added.


A Backup Solution is Only as Good as the Ease and Extent of its Restore Capabilities. Spanning Has Both Sides Covered.

Statistics put data loss due to human error as high as 29% (IBM Security). Endemol Shine Australia almost became another statistic when an employee accidentally “moved” the entire contents of a shared HR email inbox while using Microsoft Office 365.

This data loss could have been a disaster, but with Spanning Backup the problem took just a few simple clicks to solve. “Because we have Spanning Backup for Office 365, the ‘moved’ emails were easily restored within seconds,” he said, “much to the relief of a very stressed user.”

Restoring data was an incredibly simple and effective operation that made IT look highly proficient.
— BARRY ZANELLI, Head of IT, Endemol Shine Australia

A backup solution is only as good as the ease and extent of its restore capabilities. Get both sides covered with Spanning Backup.


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