Mannheim School District 83

Jay Duff is the Network Administrator for Mannheim School District 83 in Franklin Park, IL. As a seasoned IT professional, he knew switching to Google Apps for Education also meant implementing Google Apps backup, which is why he went looking for a solution like Spanning Backup for Google Apps.

“Google Mail isn’t really susceptible to disasters. Your typical backup is usually disaster recovery and disaster prevention. For this, it really isn’t. This is about protecting against human error. It’s all about protecting us from ourselves.”

Jay ultimately chose Spanning because of the price and the long list of continually improving features, but the deciding factor was our superior user interface.

“With your backup, you shouldn’t ever have to see it, use it, touch it or anything. And, when you do, it should be seamless. Keep it intuitive, because I don’t want to have to know how to use your product. I want to be able to figure it out on the fly when all hell’s breaking loose, when I’m in a panic because the superintendent is like, ‘I need this file, I need it yesterday.’ I don’t want to have to think about what I’m doing. I just want to be able to go and get it, and that’s why your interface was such a big deal when I was comparing you guys to your competitors.”

Find out more about Mannheim’s switch to Google Apps, their search for Google Apps backup and recovery, and what it’s like to have Spanning always ready to prevent disaster.