Mannheim School District 83 User Story: Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

Data Loss Can Wreck a School’s Reputation – Mannheim School District Protects it with Spanning

Seamless Backup. Easy Restore.

Using Spanning Backup has allowed me to rest easy, knowing my users’ Google Workspace data is safe.
— JAY DUFF, Network Administrator, Mannheim School District 83

Mannheim School District 83 is committed to providing a nurturing environment where “All children can and will learn”

Mannheim School District 83 (D83) is a school district headquartered in Franklin Park, Illinois. Encompassing five schools, an Early Childhood Center and an alternative school for students with disabilities, it is firmly committed to its mission to “develop a passion for learning in a creative, safe, and nurturing environment.”


They Trust Spanning with Protecting their Valuable Data, Safeguarding their Reputation and Meeting Compliance Requirements

While Google Workspace is extremely secure, it cannot protect your from data loss due to errors at your end. The risk of data loss due to error, malicious intent and malware is increasing, particularly in the education sector. And the only safeguard is a reliable backup and restore solution.

As Jay Duff, Network Administrator at Mannheim School District 83 says, “Backup is about protecting against human error. It’s all about protecting us from ourselves. Also, if somebody does a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request, we could open ourselves up to some big trouble if we don’t have a piece of data that somebody asks for.” Data loss is catastrophic not only because it wipes away precious student and staff data, but also because it can ruin the institution’s hard-won reputation.


With Spanning’s Seamless Backup and Two-Click Restore

Spanning Backup’s intuitive interface and automated non-intrusive backup are favorites with Mannheim. “With your backup, you shouldn’t ever have to see it, use it, touch it or anything. And, when you do, it should be seamless. I want to be able to figure it out on the fly when all hell’s breaking loose, when I’m in a panic because the superintendent is like, ‘I need this file, I needed it yesterday.’ I just want to be able to do it, and that’s why Spanning’s interface was such a big deal when I was comparing it with Backupify,” Jay says.

While Spanning Backup runs quietly in the background every day, on the occasion that someone loses a file or an email, it is ready with its easy two-click restore. “In one case, a teacher erased some emails, and I had to get them back. Spanning worked great. Also, we’ve had several instances where a cross-user restore has saved us a lot of trouble when a user was out of the office,“ Jay says.

Spanning is truly committed to its customers — and we actively listen to and incorporate feedback. “I’d recommend Spanning because it gives the most bang for the buck. It has all the features that we need and then some. Also, the interface is constantly improving because the developers really listen to what the users want,” Jay adds.

Additionally Spanning has a soft spot for the education sector and to show the high respect that we have for the selfless contribution of educators, we offer specials for educational institutions.


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