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Despite being “somewhat technically challenged” and running a small company with no IT department, Marc Bass was smart enough to see that the worst-case scenario could happen someday. So he planned for it in advance and purchased Spanning Backup.

Then one day the worst-case scenario actually happened; Marc had an event that erased all 6,000 of his contacts in one fell swoop. The normal reaction is to start panicking, which Marc did, until he remembered that he had Spanning Backup for Google Apps enabled. He had his Google Contacts restored in minutes.

At Spanning, we know that you’re not thinking about backup and recovery on a daily basis, and that’s OK – we are! But what that means for you is that when you go to recover lost data, you’re probably a long way removed from seeing the demo of how Spanning Backup works. That’s why we’ve designed it with a simple, intuitive easy to understand user interface – when you do come back to recover something months later (and you will because the worst-case scenario happens to everyone sooner or later), you’ll be able to understand right away what steps need to be taken to get your data back quickly.

Marc says that paying for Spanning Backup was a “no-brainer,” especially when he saw our customer service in action. We’re available via email at, and we pride ourselves on responding quickly when our clients need us.

While we of course think that Spanning Backup for Google Apps is great, there’s no need to take our word for it – read the rest of Marc’s story.