Pivotal Keeps Compliant and Secure with Spanning Backup

As the company that’s setting the standard for Enterprise Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Pivotal is committed to delivering everything companies need to create amazing applications, from platform, to backend, to consulting. Having a backup and recovery solution that keeps Pivotal compliant and safe from data loss is critical to successfully fulfilling that commitment.

Google Apps has been an integral part of Pivotal’s operations for as long as Pivotal has been in business. As heavy users of all the apps Google provides – Gmail, Drive, Sites, Calendar, Contacts – Pivotal’s team understands that a strong backup and recovery solution is essential to preventing data loss and its consequences, such as compliance audit failures.

“Just because you’re storing data in the cloud doesn’t mean that data is not your responsibility,” says Reed Kennedy, Pivotal IT’s Chief of Projects. “I’ve seen enough people lose data to feel the fear.” To learn more from Reed and find out why he chose Spanning Backup to keep Pivotal’s critical cloud application data safe and accessible, read the full user story.