Eric Hollenbeck is not afraid of a challenge, and neither is the company he works for: Redfin, an online real estate brokerage that has vowed to revolutionize the real estate industry. As Senior Manager of IT and Business Services at Redfin, Hollenbeck is charged with ensuring this company- whose business hinges on online accessibility and communication- runs smoothly, from their website and customer service to internal communications.  Since 2006, Redfin has combined technology and service so effectively in their effort to improve the real estate game that they’ve closed over $10 billion in home sales and saved customers $100 million with a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

An early part of Redfin’s unique technology plan was implementing Google Apps, which allows the company to communicate rapidly and collaboratively at minimal cost and management effort, according to Hollenbeck.  The final piece was to find the perfect Google Apps backup and recovery solution to service a large company defined by efficiency and cutting-edge technology.

Redfin now has Gmail backup, as well as all other Google Apps backed up with Spanning.  He notes that “cost, timeliness, and ease of use make Spanning an attractive option for businesses who leverage Google Apps.”

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