Second Baptist School User Story: Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

A 70-year Old Renowned Houston School Mitigates the Risk of Malware with Spanning

Automated Backup. Easy Restore.

One of our employees lost an email, and they were able to retrieve it themselves, in under a minute.
— BLAKE SKIDMORE, Director of Informational and Instructional Technology, Second Baptist School

Second Baptist School Keeps up its Legacy of Providing Holistic Education since 1946

Established in 1946, Second Baptist School is a private primary and secondary Christian school. It is is focused on preparing young men and women not just for college, but for life. With distinctive academic, fine arts and athletic facilities, as well as state of the art technology tools they train students to adapt to a digitally-based global community.


They Won’t Risk their Reputation to Data Loss, and Keep it Safe with Spanning

Second Baptist School knows the pain of dealing with a major data disaster. “We have lost a large amount of important data before. There were several computers that were infected with a virus years ago, and it wiped out entire machines. We were able to recover some of the data, but not all of it; the way the virus erased the data, it had started to write over it as well. Recovery was a long process,” says Blake Skidmore, Director of Informational and Instructional Technology, Second Baptist School.

Cloud-to-cloud data backup and recovery was a priority when they switched to Google Workspace. Skidmore started looking for backup solutions and decided to try Spanning Backup. During the trial process, one of the administrators lost some important data, and Spanning Backup was able to recover quickly and easily. They’ve been a customer ever since.


Minimize Risk, Save Effort with Spanning’s Self-Service Restores

Spanning’s automated backups are a favorite with Second Baptist School, The easy restores which can be self-serviced come a close second.  “We actually had to use Spanning again this morning; one of our employees lost an email they needed to send out, and they were able to retrieve it themselves in under a minute. She was elated and will be showing her department the service,” Skidmore says.

That’s just one of almost a million emails we’re backing up for Second Baptist School, along with calendar events, contacts, folders and documents. Protecting all of their valuable Google Workspace data, with a 100% restore guarantee, should the worst happen. Spanning values the indispensable contribution of schools and colleges to society. Talk to us now, about specials for education institutions.


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