SendGrid User Story: Spanning Backup for Google Workspace & Salesforce

SendGrid Doesn’t Worry About Salesforce or Google Workspace Data Loss With Spanning’s Comprehensive Automated Backup

Backup that’s Complete, Automated and Reliable.

When you send billions of emails on behalf of the brightest and best, you can’t compromise on backup.

SendGrid is a globally renowned cloud-based email service provider. Over 69,000 paying customers like Spotify, Uber and Airbnb trust SendGrid to send more than 40 billion emails every month.

SendGrid understands the importance of protecting the enormous amounts of valuable customer data in Salesforce. That led them to switch, way back in 2009, from the manual, weekly export provided by Salesforce, to Spanning Backup for Salesforce.


Get Comprehensive Salesforce Backup with the Ease of it Being In-App

“We chose Spanning Backup because our IT team had been using it for Google Workspace and was very happy with it,” says Kerry McDonough, Business Systems Administrator for SendGrid.

Because Spanning backs up metadata — including customized reports, dashboards, and email templates — SendGrid never has to worry about painstakingly recreating all those customizations in the event of a data loss.

The fact that Spanning backs up everything, not just data, really provides peace of mind for our team.
— KERRY MCDONOUGH, Business Systems Administrator, SendGrid

Spanning works as a tab right inside the Salesforce application, eliminating the cost and risk associated with manually exporting data for backup. “I live in Salesforce, so it makes sense that the backup solution is in there, too. There’s no manual labor or downloading required with Spanning Backup,” says McDonough.


Rest Easy with Daily Automated Backup and Transparent Reporting

Spanning’s daily automated backup that works reliably in the background, was another advantage for SendGrid. “A weekly backup is not sufficient when you’re working in a fast-paced startup environment,” McDonough says. “Things change every day! I love the ‘set it and forget it’ aspect of Spanning Backup; it just runs automatically every day.”

I love the ‘set it and forget it’ aspect of Spanning backup; it just runs automatically every day.
— KERRY MCDONOUGH, Business Systems Administrator, SendGrid

Status monitoring is easy and transparent with Spanning’s customizable dashboard, Chatter/email recovery notifications, and detailed drilled-down reporting. “Transparency, honesty, and trust are crucial to us in all aspects of our business – hiring, working together, working with customers, and working with vendors,” McDonough says. “I trust Spanning with our data because they are so open and transparent.”


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