SThree User Story: Spanning Backup for Salesforce

SThree Focuses on its Burgeoning Business, Not on Backup

Complete Backup for Salesforce and Applications


SThree is a Global Recruitment Leader with 30+ years of Experience…

Global staffing organization SThree is a publicly listed company based in the UK with 41 offices in 15 countries. It operates across 10 niche staffing brands that specialize in STEM industries (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). With over £1 billion in revenue and steady growth globally, SThree is a leading provider for high-quality STEM talent.


… and Lets Spanning Take the Stress of Data Protection Off their Mind

The search for a robust backup solution began as soon as SThree PLC made the decision to adopt the Salesforce platform. Years of maintaining large on-premise systems had taught its IT team the value of backup. “Our first priority was to find a cloud application we could feel confident would get our data back in a dire situation,” says Garry Lengthorn, Director of IT Services, SThree.

To protect all the critical data on the Salesforce cloud services platform, SThree chose Spanning Backup for Salesforce. “Spanning Backup did everything we wanted it to do and was easy to get up and running. It proved itself when we tried restores and point-in-time backups,” Lengthorn adds. Instead of spending time and resources making sure backups are in place and working properly, SThree simply relies on Spanning Backup for effortless, reliable backups and restores of data on its Salesforce platform.

The most important thing Spanning Backup has allowed us to do is focus on our business. When something just works – the way Spanning backup does – that’s quite refreshing.
— GARRY LENGTHORN, Director of IT Services, SThree

SThree has also found that the software requires very little ongoing vendor attention. “One measure of quality is how much—or how little—time you have to spend setting up calls to talk about service and issues,” according to Lengthorn. “We just haven’t had problems like that with Spanning Backup.”


One Dependable Backup Solution for All Salesforce Apps. With an EU-based Datacenter.

SThree saw the Salesforce cloud services platform as the basis for a variety of future services, not just CRM. For SThree, one of the greatest advantages of Spanning Backup for Salesforce is that the licensing extends beyond Salesforce to other applications created with “For example, we run an HR Management System that was created on the platform, and we can use Spanning Backup for both,” Lengthorn says. Thus, creating greater economies of scale over time.

As we implement more applications, our Spanning Backup license will cover all of them. And our data is managed securely within the EU. These were critical drivers for us choosing Spanning.
— GARRY LENGTHORN, Director of IT Services, SThree

Furthermore, Spanning’s European data center option for Salesforce backups enables SThree to keep its backup data within the European Economic Area, rather than transmitting it elsewhere. This is becoming increasingly important as new data and privacy policies go into effect in the area that govern where and how data is stored. “Being a UK-headquartered company, it is critical that we ensure that the aspects of our data are managed within the European Economic Area and governed securely,” Lengthorn affirms.


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