Spanning Backup for Salesforce Keeps SThree Focused on Business Instead of Backup

Global recruitment leader SThree PLC moved its CRM capabilities to the Salesforce cloud services platform with a much larger vision in mind. The company saw the platform as the basis for a variety of future services, not just CRM. To protect all the critical data in that platform, SThree chose Spanning Backup for Salesforce. To ensure the backups are in place and working properly, SThree simply relies on Spanning Backup for effortless, reliable backups and restores of data on its Salesforce platform.

In addition to delivering reliable backup for a growing set of services, Spanning Backup for Salesforce enables SThree to keep its backup data in Spanning’s European data center, rather than transmitting it outside the European Economic Area. That ability is becoming non-negotiable for more and more European-based companies as new data sovereignty concerns grow and privacy policies take effect in the area.

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