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Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta


Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta



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Spanning Backup for G Suite

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Equipped With Almost Two Centuries Of Providing High-quality Education, The Catholic Education Diocese Of Parramatta Continues To Transform Education For Millions.

With some of Australia’s oldest schools, the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta, has a sure foundation to support its tremendous growth in New South Wales, Australia. It operates 80 primary and secondary Catholic systemic schools, besides numerous after-school, early learning and training centers, serving a student population of 43,000 with over 4500 teachers and staff.

While Spanning Protects their Valuable Data with Quick Restore, that Never Fails

When the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta moved email, learning websites, and other applications to G Suite, they were on the lookout for a high-quality solution that would protect their data in the cloud. “We wanted something that provided not only backup and recovery, but also archiving and user management,” says Brian van Vlimmeren, Learning Technologies Senior Manager. “Spanning Backup has it all.”

Spanning’s ease of use was an added bonus. The first time van Vlimmeren did a restore for a student who lost his G Suite data during a migration, he thought they might have to ask for extra time for the student to complete assignments. But they were able to restore the account quickly with no data loss at all. “It’s so easy it’s ridiculous,” he laughs. “There’s a big button that says ‘restore’ and literally all you do is hit it to restore the data directly back into a user’s account.”

Van Vlimmeren says the ability to restore a single file or artifact is his favorite
feature. He likes it because he doesn’t have to expose all contents of a mailbox or other data sources just to provide one thing needed for compliance purposes.

Make Compliance Effortless with Comprehensive Backup and Granular Restore








Van Vlimmeren points out that education has unique needs that affect technology choices. Spanning Backup understands Edu’s particular requirements. For instance, Australian regulations require student data be kept available until adulthood, and a permanent data loss would threaten the ability to comply. “We rely on Spanning Backup for G Suite to quickly restore data for compliance,” says van Vlimmeren, “even more than to restore data lost to user error or some other mishap.”

Licensing needs are another special requirement in education. “Adding licenses and managing users are important because there’s always a group of employees that changes with each payroll period,” he explains, “and Spanning simplifies licensing and user management.”

Spanning values educators and their indispensable contribution to society. With its reliable backup and 100% restore guarantee for G Suite, educators have one less hassle to worry about, so they can focus on their goal of providing transformational education.

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