Chattanooga Zoo User Story: Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

“America’s Best Little Zoo” — Chattanooga Zoo Collaborates Confidently in the Cloud with Spanning Backup

Backup that Meets High Security Standards. Restore that’s Quick and Intuitive.

As both an administrator and a user, Spanning provides me with an unparalleled backup and restore solution.
— BLAKE CURTIS, IT Specialist, Chattanooga Zoo

A 70-year Old Zoo with a Quarter of a Million Annual Visitors and the World’s Largest Exhibit of Endangered Red Pandas

Chattanooga Zoo is the smallest member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. However, with its well-designed exhibits of endangered animals such as the red panda, snow leopard, meerkat, tamarin, komodo dragon and jaguar and numerous conservation programs, it is popularly known as “the best little zoo in America.” With a $12 million expansion plan and almost a quarter of a million annual visitors, it’s firmly committed to its mission “to engage and inspire our community to better understand and preserve wildlife by creating meaningful connections between people and animals.”


They Understand that Data Loss is an Ever-looming Risk and Mitigate it with Spanning

The Chattanooga Zoo are regular users of Google Workspace – using Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar daily to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate plans and schedules, and using Sites for large projects and events. While the zoo benefits from such extensive use of Google Workspace, they are also aware of their susceptibility to data loss. “Because there’s more interaction with data – more mouse clicking, syncing, and other activities – there’s also more risk of data loss,” explains Blake Curtis, IT Specialist for the zoo.

Whether it’s intentional or accidental, we always have to consider the possibility of data loss.
— BLAKE CURTIS, IT Specialist, Chattanooga Zoo

Before finalizing on a backup solution, Curtis spent time simulating sync errors, mistakes in Google Drive, and other potential causes for data loss to see how Spanning Backup would respond. “Experimenting with the 14-day trial made my decision to go with Spanning Backup, easy,” Curtis says.


Cloud-To-Cloud Backup Is the Only Practical Option

Having a reliable SaaS backup has enabled Chattanooga Zoo to comfortably collaborate in the cloud. Being on the cloud has also “cut down the need for additional onsite backup storage,” Curtis explains.

Implementing Spanning has allowed us to become more confident about collaborating in the cloud.
— BLAKE CURTIS, IT Specialist, Chattanooga Zoo

Spanning not only protects Google Workspace data and apps, but also has highly-rated products for Salesforce and Office 365. This is especially advantageous to those organizations that are moving between products, like the Chattanooga Zoo. Knowing that the zoo will use Salesforce in the future, the availability of Spanning Backup for Salesforce was a factor in choosing Spanning for cloud-to-cloud backup. “It’s a good example of Spanning anticipating the needs of their customer,” Curtis says.

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