St. Stephen’s Episcopal School User Story: Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

Ranked as one of America’s Top 20 Boarding Schools, St. Stephen’s Relies on Spanning for Data Protection

Effortless Backup. Easy 100% Restore

St. Stephen’s has more than half a century of illustrious experience imparting holistic education.

Founded in 1948, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School stays true to its vision and mission “to not only provide a superior education to our students, but to assist in the cultivation of lifelong, thoughtful learners, and healthy, productive community members.” This emphasis on social equality and giving back to society started with its contribution to the Civil Rights Movement by being the first integrated boarding school in the South. It has continued over the years with its vast socioeconomic diversity and numerous community initiatives like the Food Bank, Free Community Pantry and clean-up campaigns.

Data Loss is a Possibility, and St. Stephen’s Protects Valuable Student Data with Spanning

With hundreds of its students, teachers, and staff members using Google Workspace for a multitude of tasks, for St. Stephen’s, backing up and restoring data is a given — a necessary task that comes with working online and in the cloud. “We’ve been running email and file servers for a long time, and we know that restoring data is part of what we have to do, either due to accidental deletions or on orders from our attorney,” explains Brian Gray, St. Stephen’s technology coordinator.

Gray cautions that organizations that forego backup and recovery of Google Workspace run the risk of data loss, because they can’t rely on Google for data recovery if the loss is the user’s responsibility — either due to manual error, malicious intent or malware. “You can’t call Google’s tech support and ask them to restore a critical email that was deleted last fall,” he points out.

Working with Spanning Backup has required nearly zero effort on our part. It just works, every day.
— BRIAN GRAY, Technology Coordinator, St. Stephen’s

Educational institutions are increasingly the targets of malware, and are realizing the importance of backup. However, with typically small and overworked IT departments, they expect backup and restore to be dependable, yet non-intrusive. And that was the key reason St. Stephen’s chose Spanning. As Gray puts it, “Spanning was effortless — it simply works, with no special effort on any user’s part.”

Benefit from Spanning’s Easy Backup and End-user Self-restores, Without Compromising on Features and Quality

Spanning not only excels in the backup department – providing comprehensive automated protection for all your Google Workspace apps and data – but it also offers a 100% restore guarantee with support for cross-user, search-based and point-in-time restore. In addition, users can restore their own data, without having to engage the school’s IT department. That has been critical at St. Stephen’s, which, like most schools, have Google Workspace users who are not highly technical.

Google protects us against system-wide catastrophic failures, but it doesn’t protect us from ourselves.
— BRIAN GRAY, Technology Coordinator, St. Stephen’s

Spanning also values the invaluable contribution of educators. Reach out to us about special offers for educational institutions.


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