The Animal Foundation User Story: Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

America’s Highest Volume Single-site Animal Shelter Focuses on their Mission Without Fear of Data Loss

Dependable Backup. Easy End-user Self-restore.

For over 40 years, The Animal Foundation’s lifesaving programs have nurtured tens of thousands of healthy and treatable animals.

I recommend Spanning because it requires little time to set up, little time to monitor and provides a lot of value.
— GEORDAN LIBAN, Systems Administrator, The Animal Foundation

Founded in 1978, The Animal Foundation has evolved into a community-focused organization with life-saving programs designed to address the root causes of pet overpopulation and homelessness. Last year alone, The Animal Foundation, saved over 25,000 lost, homeless, and often mistreated animals.


Spanning is their Dependable, yet Effortless Backup Solution

When it’s your job to make a difference for animals in dire need, you don’t need extra administrative work distracting you from that mission. Therefore, when The Animal Foundation realized the need for backup, they were looking for a reliable tool that did not add to their workload. “After finally moving away from paper-based systems to the digital environment of Google Workspace, we quickly realized that any data loss would dramatically hinder our productivity,” says Geordan Liban, The Animal Foundation’s systems administrator. “That’s a fact for any organization, and it’s amplified for us because we have a lean staff to begin with.”

When it comes to backup, there’s no question you have to do it. So, the only question is how you do it, and for that, I strongly recommend Spanning.
— GEORDAN LIBAN, Systems Administrator, The Animal Foundation

The Animal Foundation chose Spanning Backup for Google Workspace because it’s fast and easy to use, ensuring that minimal time is spent on backup and recovery – so they can have more time for core activities that advance The Animal Foundation’s mission.

“I like having the ability to recover a single file or a few files very quickly, so we can get back to our ‘real work,” Liban says.


Skip the Stress of Data Loss with Spanning’s Easy 100% Restore

Apart from simplifying and speeding backup and recovery, The Animal Foundation benefited from Spanning’s other intuitive features such as accessing files after an employee has left the organization. “Spanning Backup allows me to do a full export of a user’s data and then keep a copy locally,” Liban says. “That way, I can delete their account immediately for security, but still have access to their files when the manager needs them weeks later.”

As a one-person IT team, it’s important to me that I can access Spanning Backup wherever I am, and that it’s easy for non-IT employees to use.
— GEORDAN LIBAN, Systems Administrator, The Animal Foundation

Next, Liban plans to explore the cross-user restore feature which restores data directly from one user account to another, making data recovery even more efficient.

Spanning Backup also recognizes the inspiring efforts put in by non-profits and offers qualified nonprofits a 25% discount.


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