The Animal Foundation Keeps Focused on Mission-Critical Work with Spanning Backup

No one has time to waste on lost documents or emails, least of all non-profit organizations that constantly work to get the most out of limited resources. For The Animal Foundation, losing data means losing precious time that could be spent saving or improving the lives of animals and potential pet owners alike.

“After finally moving away from paper-based systems to the digital environment of Google Apps, we quickly realized that any data loss would dramatically hinder our productivity,” says Geordan Liban, The Animal Foundation’s systems administrator. That’s why he sought a backup and recovery solution for the non-profit. Now, instead of being worried over data loss in their cloud applications, or wasting time trying to locate or recreate a lost file, The Animal Foundation can rely on Spanning Backup to protect and recover any information that goes missing.

There’s no time diverted to data loss crises instead of focusing on mission-critical activities with a reliable and affordable backup and recovery solution in place. “When it comes to backup, there’s no question you have to do it,” says Liban, “so the only question is how you do it, and for that, I strongly recommend Spanning Backup for Google Apps.”