Trust and Service Are Key for AMAG Pharmaceuticals When It Comes to SaaS Backup

AMAG Pharmaceuticals proved itself an information technology pioneer in the field of healthcare by fully embracing the notion of operating in the cloud in 2008. They recognized early on that the emerging trends of the day, like cloud computing and the consumerization of IT, would be the norms of tomorrow. So, too, was the company ahead of the curve in understanding the vital necessity of backup and recovery for cloud applications, thanks to Director of IT and Senior Cloud Architect Steve Simmons.

Now AMAG boasts infinitely scalable technologies, agile delivery of IT services, and the ability to flexibly deploy the best technologies available due to the technology initiative Simmons put in place. But he admits he wouldn’t even think of trying to conquer the cloud without backup: “Data protection is considered for every environment in which we operate, and if we cannot guarantee or protect a cloud service data set, we look elsewhere. We will not accept the risk of not being to get our data back in the event of an accidental or malicious data loss,” he explains.

Learn more about Simmons’ data protection philosophy and how Spanning has helped AMAG operate fearlessly in the cloud.