Volusion Finds the Easy Solution to Salesforce Data Protection with Spanning

Volusion has always understood how critical backup is to protecting the invaluable data the company maintains in Salesforce. What’s been more of a challenge is finding an effective backup solution that’s easy to use.

Weary of the laborious weekly export process that Salesforce offers for data backup, Volusion’s Salesforce Manager, Stephanie Herrera, was pleased to find an easy and powerful alternative in Spanning Backup for Salesforce. 

To find out all the reasons Herrera now sleeps better at night with Spanning Backup in her toolbox as an application owner, read the full success story below. She talks through several gaps in Salesforce’s data protection plan, why backup and recovery for Salesforce data is critical to Volusion, and the features included in Spanning Backup that make protecting Salesforce data almost too easy to be true.