Volusion User Story: Spanning Backup for Salesforce

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Volusion’s Robust and Stunning All-in-one Ecommerce Solutions are Used by 180,000+ Businesses

185 million orders from thousands of businesses have been placed on Volusion ecommerce websites. With so much critical data riding on them, Volusion takes data protection seriously. “As IT admins, we are basically controlling our company’s central nervous system, and we have to protect it,” says Stephanie Herrera, Salesforce Manager at Volusion.


Safe in the Knowledge that Spanning has their Backup and Restore

Volusion started off by using Salesforce’s manual weekly export option for backup. “Trying to figure out which objects were tied to which links and then manually backing up the data was time-consuming and difficult,” Herrera says. The process was so laborious that they never made it through a complete backup.

On trying Spanning Backup for Salesforce with its daily, automatic backups and seamless interface delivered directly on a tab inside Salesforce Volusion knew that they found their ideal backup solution. “With Spanning, not only do I not have to do anything to backup my data, I don’t even have to think about it. I know that the data is being backed up every day automatically,” Herrera says.

Data that translates into years of effort can be lost in a second. I wouldn’t want to be the person that had to answer to my CEO as to why I didn’t make backup and recovery my top priority.
— STEPHANIE HERRERA, Salesforce Manager, Volusion

Complete Data Protection: Unlimited Backups and Point-in-time Restores

Apart from the reliability and convenience of daily automated backups, Spanning Backup places no limitations on how long data backups remain accessible. This and the and fine-tuned restores was especially reassuring to Herrera, as the weekly export backups provided by Salesforce are only available for 48 hours.

“We had earlier wrongly assumed that we could go find the link in our Salesforce weekly backup history and download the backup for that time period,” Herrera says. “We were very fortunate that we never got into a situation where we needed that information before implementing a complete backup and restore solution.”

Because we have Spanning Backup, I don’t worry about losing data. I know I’ll be able to fix it as quickly as the damage was done.
— STEPHANIE HERRERA, Salesforce Manager, Volusion

Spanning makes it easy to go back to any point in time and see the data as it existed on that date, using the point-in- time restore feature. It gives Volusion the ability to quickly restore data from any point in the past, including customizations, formatting, and other metadata. “With Spanning, I can go back to any day in the past and see exactly how my data looked and restore it in minutes. That just puts it over the top for me,” Herrera adds.


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