Wolfgang Career Coaching User Story: Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

Wolfgang Avoids the Stress of Data Loss Thanks to Spanning Backup

Reliable Backup. Flexible Restore.

We love that Spanning is so dedicated to this business and is just as concerned about our data as we are.
— AMY WOLFGANG, CEO and Certified Career Counselor, Wolfgang Career Coaching

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Wolfgang Career Coaching is a full-service career development company. Its certified career coaches provide a range of career guidance services from life coaching and leadership counseling to resume writing and interview preparation.


They know that Intellectual Property based on Years of Effort, Can be Lost in Minutes

Google Workspace with its shared document repository in Drive, is extensively used as a platform for real-time collaboration between Wolfgang’s network of coaches. Consequently, intellectual property critical to the business – products, documents, designs, manuals and client information – are housed in Google Workspace. “The thought of losing data gave me nightmares,” says Amy Wolfgang, CEO of Wolfgang Career Coaching. “It was imperative for me to find a solution that would protect all of our work.”

They chose Spanning, because of its unlimited backup of every version of data. “With Spanning Backup, you can go back and see what a document looked like on any day. It gives us the confidence to make changes at will,” Amy said.

Spanning Backup’s most valuable feature is its “smart functionality. It was important to me to have the ability to restore one document or many depending on my need.
— AMY WOLFGANG, CEO & Certified Career Counselor, Wolfgang Career Coaching

Wolfgang Depends on Spanning for Dependable Backup and Flexible Restore

Spanning’s reliable backup is elevated with its flexible restore options. From granular, search-based restore to point-in-time restore and cross-user restore, Spanning supports it all. Wolfgang found that flexibility to be Spanning’s most useful feature. As Amy says, “I didn’t want to have to restore everything in my database when only one file was the issue.”

What keeps them loyal to Spanning over the years is the ease of doing business. “It’s important to do business with an honest and genuine company that backs up their promises with their technology and service. I don’t want to waste emotional energy worrying about my data. With Spanning, I don’t have to,” Amy says.


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