Wolfgang Career Coaching

Amy Wolfgang, CEO of Wolfgang Career Coaching, is always improving things: herself, her company, and the lives of those who seek her help every day.  Her own experience with career dissatisfaction over a decade ago led her to found her own company that would allow people like her, constantly searching for professional fulfillment, to find their dream careers.  Over the last five years, Amy has developed a wealth of intellectual property in order to serve her clients, and it didn’t take her long to realize that she not only needed an effective way to further develop and communicate these materials, but she also needed a way to protect them.

That’s when Amy turned to Google Apps.  The affordability, collaborative capabilities that could serve her network of employees across the US, and the simplicity of the software made Google Apps a perfect choice for her growing business.  Having answered the company’s need for collaboration, Amy then set out to protect all of Wolfgang’s hard work with a Google Apps backup tool. The products, documents, designs, manuals, and client information housed in Google Apps are critical to Amy’s business, and the thought of losing this data “gave me nightmares,” she says.  “It was imperative for me to find Google Apps backup that would help me protect all of my work.”

Amy found another perfect match in Spanning Backup for Google Apps, citing the referral program, unique recovery features, and ease of doing business with us as her top reasons for implementing the software.  Find out more about why this CEO chose Google Apps and Spanning to grow her company and insure the business against data loss.