Are Your Google Drive Files Corrupt?

Make Sure Your Google Files are Healthy

If you’re storing a lot of files in Google Workspace, you should be checking regularly to make sure your files are healthy. It’s a real pain to go and look for a file only to find that it’s been corrupted. Spanning Backup for Google Workspace gives you an easy way to check on the health of your Google Workspace files.

When your daily backups start running, you’ll be able to see at a glance if there were any backup problems that day. The green dots mean everything was backed up successfully, and the yellow dots mean that there was a problem. If you click on the yellow dot you can see which files were having problems, and you can then go check that file to make sure its contents are still intact. If not, and you’re also using the local version of Google Drive, try checking the local version on your computer. If that version is okay, but the version stored online is not, the file probably got corrupted during a bad sync. Drag the file from the local version of Google Drive onto your desktop, and then drag it back into the folder it came from to trigger a new sync.

Spanning Backup for Google Workspace offers you the option to get email updates about your backup status daily, weekly, or monthly. We recommend getting at least a weekly update, that way you can do a quick check once a week to make sure all of your files are in good shape.