ISTE 2013 – Interview with David Sweigert

A perfect example of why schools need Google Apps backup

At the ISTE 2013 conference, David Sweigert stopped by our booth to tell us how his school lost their entire curriculum through user error. If you don’t think you need Google Apps backup, watch this video first.

David: My name is David Sweigert. I am currently the Senior Network Administrator at Derry Township School District. That puts me in Hershey, Pennsylvania where they make chocolate and everything. We are a Google Apps domain, so we’ve had Google Apps there for a long time. I’ve been with the district for one year. I would say they’ve probably been using it for at least six, maybe seven. They were a very, very early adopter. We have a lot of Google Apps. We have a lot of our curriculum, our curriculum maps, Calendars, Sites – there’s all kinds of things shared out, so if we were to somehow lose access to the internet or Google Apps in general, I would say we’d be crippled for that period of time.

The reason I stopped by this booth was because on Monday, my first day-first true day at ISTE, I got an email from our high school librarian and essentially to paraphrase what she said in the email, she said she essentially lost a social studies curriculum. It turned out that she went on to Google’s site and she realized that when she made the migration from her Windows laptop to her MacBook Pro, she had copied everything to Google Drive, some things were already in Google Drive and when she installed Google Drive on her Mac, it went through and actually cleared some of the files out. So there’s actual documentation out on Google’s site as to why this might have happened. But long story short, we’ve lost a lot of material at this point. My only hope is that she can go back and find her Windows laptop in a storage room that we have them in and she can open it up and get her files off of Google Drive.