Spredfast Customer Interview: Spanning Backup for Salesforce

Spredfast Customer Interview:

Join Andrew Gothelf, App Exchange Marketing Senior Manager at Salesforce, as he interviews Spredfast employees about their need for cloud-to-cloud backup for their Salesforce data, and how Spanning Backup for Salesforce has been able to solve that need by providing daily automated backup of all of their standard objects, custom objects, and Metadata.

Stephanie Herrera, Director of Salesforce and Business Systems at Spredfast, discusses how she has used Spanning for a number of years, and how knowing that her data is secure has helped bring her peace of mind.  Firas Yacoub, Senior Salesforce Admin at Spredfast, details several data loss scenarios that Spredfast encountered that were turned into non-events, due to their ability to easily restore their lost data directly back into their Salesforce org using Spanning.  Sofie Pompa, Senior Product Manager at Spredfast, discusses how Spredfast uses multiple products and integrations within their organization to optimize their workflows.