VIF International Education Protects Google Workspace and Salesforce Data with Spanning Backup

Chief Academic Officer Mark Otter of VIF saw his company through cloud adoption not long ago; their shift to the use of Google Workspace and Salesforce to run VIF’s international education programs has allowed the company to do things they never imagined possible.

The company trusts Arne Plum to handle their application management, so he was happy to find Spanning Backup to protect their SaaS applications – taking a huge load off his mind and making his job easier to do each day.

With daily, automated backup and in-app recovery for two of the company’s most important cloud apps, Google Workspace and Salesforce, Mark and Arne are confident that their data is always safe and accessible, and all of VIF International Education’s employees share peace of mind knowing that even when mistakes are made, they can quickly resolve data loss concerns with the help of Spanning Backup.