2021 Google Workspace Data Protection – Trends and Predictions

The social and economic effects brought about by the global pandemic have changed the way businesses look at Google Workspace data protection. The unprecedented rise in remote work and use of Google Workspace for collaborating and storing sensitive data have amplified the risks of widespread data loss — from both internal and external sources.

The situation has worsened with reduced IT budgets and staffing, surging account takeover, phishing and spear phishing attacks. These factors have grown awareness across industries for the need for third-party data protection technology.

Listen to Google Workspace guru Shyam Oza and Spanning’s Director of Product Marketing Dave Wallen, as they discuss the trends and predictions for Google Workspace, account takeover and phishing attacks, and more.

The webinar covers:

  • Trends that will continue and predictions for new issues in 2021
  • The impact on individual organizations and the market
  • Strategic actions to be taken in 2021