Best Practices for Google Workspace Business Continuity

Downtime due to a simple human error, cyberattack or natural disaster could severely impact your business, and in extreme cases, shut down operations permanently. While Google provides a financially backed 99.9 percent uptime guarantee for Google Workspace, customers are operationally and contractually liable for data protection.

In a SaaS world where Google is wholly responsible for application availability, IT leaders need a new model of business continuity focused on security and data protection.

Listen to Dave Wallen, Director of Product Marketing, Spanning and Shyam Oza, Director of Product Management, Spanning, as they present a new way of looking at business continuity, based on the SaaS model and optimized for Google Workspace.

The webinar covers:
• Responsibilities for Google Workspace security and data protection
• Challenges and costs of Google Workspace data loss
• Strategies and actions to improve your organization’s effectiveness