Introducing Spanning 360 – End-to-end Protection for Gmail, Accounts and Data

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Google’s data centers are designed with world-class disaster recovery capabilities to protect data from just about any infrastructure threat. As such, the Google Workspace EULA provides 99.9 percent application uptime and availability. However, you not Google, are responsible for the protection of your Google Workspace from data loss caused due to phishing, ransomware and malware attacks, human error, malicious behavior and sync errors.

Spanning 360 is the industry’s only enterprise-class, end-to-end protection solution for Google Workspace. It empowers businesses with advanced capabilities to prevent, anticipate and mitigate account compromise and data loss.

Spanning 360 is based on purpose-built, cloud-native technology that is remarkably easy to install, manage and use. It requires no hardware, installed software, redirection of email routing, or configuration of service accounts. The solution is fully automated with an intuitive user interface, enabling end-user functionality and simplifying administration.

Listen to Dave Wallen, Spanning Director of Product Marketing and Shyam Oza, Spanning Director of Product Management as they discuss how growing threats to Google Workspace can impact your organization and demonstrate how Spanning 360 will help you prevent, anticipate, and mitigate account takeover and data loss.

The webinar covers:

  • Growing threats to Google Workspace
  • Email protection and phishing defense
  • Protecting accounts and credentials
  • Backup and recovery when things (inevitably) go wrong