On-Demand Webinar: 6 Ways to Cover Your SaaS in 2015

If you are using SaaS applications like Google Workspace, Salesforce or Office 365, you know how great the cloud can be for collaboration and productivity. But going “all in” on the cloud doesn’t relieve you of your responsibility of ensuring your data remains protected.

Listen to Cirrus Insight and Spanning as we discuss 6 ways to cover your SaaS in 2015 so your organization can work securely in the cloud.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Manage ever-changing data and minimize data loss
  • Allow for the new world of collaboration while enforcing security and compliance
  • Maintain visibility across all applications – including those not sourced by IT
  • Empower end users to offload demands on IT
  • Manage vendors to deliver SLAs and avoid seat creep
  • Integrate applications to gain efficiencies in both cost and time

Don’t assume your bases are covered because you’ve got SaaS applications in play. The safety of your data is very much still in your hands.