On-Demand Webinar: Office 365 Backup and Recovery: All You Need to Know

Is your organization considering a migration to Office 365? There are several benefits that Office 365 brings to organizations, such as lower cost toward server-side expenditures, less maintenance and upgrades, and the collaboration benefits that Office 365 brings thanks to the cloud. A migration to Office 365, however, is not without challenges. For example, have you considered a data protection plan?

Listen to this webinar featuring Petri IT Knowledgebase Contributor, Phoummala Schmitt, and data protection expert, Gina Rosenthal, of Spanning by EMC, for a spirited discussion that will prepare you for successfully migrating to Office 365. Paul Thurrott, News Director at the Petri IT Knowledgebase, will also serve as the moderator during the webinar.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What the common causes for data loss are when administering Microsoft Exchange
  • How to mitigate data loss caused by user errors
  • How these challenges appear when you move to Office 365
  • How cloud-to-cloud backup helps minimize data loss in Microsoft Office 365