On-Demand Webinar: Office 365 Backup & Recovery: What should your organization be considering?

Office 365 product offerings have become a common choice for organizational document sharing and email. These products deliver a high level of availability, reliability and security but do not provide native backup and recovery options for organizations, regardless of the level of criticality of the information.

Join Theresa Miller, Windows IT Pro contributor and IT expert in the areas of Exchange and Office 365 and Mat Hamlin, Director of Products at Spanning by EMC, as they discus how to balance business requirements, protect user data, and move successfully into a cloud based strategy for corporate email data.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • What is the importance of being able to recover Office 365 email data?
  • Options available within Exchange Online that can serve as backup alternatives.
  • How each of these options can be used for email data recovery, and review of related challenges.
  • How 3rd party backup and restore can reduce risk and improve business continuity.