Protecting Salesforce Data and Credentials in a Work from Home World


Salesforce data faces threats from every direction.  External threats such as hackers, malware, and ransomware.  Internal threats like user errors, bad deletion requests, sync errors, and malicious insiders, and back-door threats posed by weak security architecture or poor security systems and controls.

The COVID-19 Crisis has resulted in a spike in the number remote workers.  Many of these new users are unfamiliar with remote work and less likely to practice safe online behavior, increasing the risks to your data.

Join Microsoft Spanning Director of Product Management Shyam Oza and Dave Wallen, Spanning Director of Product Marketing, as they detail the threats to your Salesforce data and demonstrate how Spanning can help mitigate the risks they pose in thus on-demand webinar.

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View our interactive house display to see how Spanning protects your Salesforce data from front, back, and insider threats.

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