How Six Jackasses Threaten Your Salesforce Data

Over 75% of companies that use SaaS applications suffer a data loss incident each year.  Salesforce data centers are designed with world-class disaster recovery capabilities to protect data from infrastructure threats but you are responsible for the most common causes of data loss: ransomware and malware attacks, human error, malicious behavior and sync or configuration errors.

These threats are the direct results of erroneous or malicious actions taken by people.  These people are referred to in the Salesforce Administrator community as “Jackasses.”

You must protect your data from both the malicious behavior of “smartasses” who actively seek to steal or destroy Salesforce data and the unintentional but equally serious mistakes made by “dumbasses” with legitimate access to your system.  Join the Spanning team as we profile the six most notorious jackasses, detail the risks they pose, and share some “badass” actions you can take protect yourself – and your critical data – from their asinine equine antics.

Don’t let an ass jack your SaaS! Become a SaaS Badass and register today.

Hosted by:

  • Shyam Oza: Director of Product Management, Spanning Backup for Salesforce
  • Dave Wallen: Director of Product Marketing, Spanning Backup for Salesforce


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