The BLT Cyber Sandwich – Benefit From the Fruits of Your Labour With Unitrends and Spanning

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Why let your work get spoiled because of lack of backup? With Unitrends and Spanning, you can reap all the rewards of backup and save yourself time and money in the process.

This session will cover the strategies, tactics and actions you can take today to reduce the frequency and severity of tenant compromise. We will take a look at how to prevail at eliminating ransomware, data loss and downtime with Unitrends Unified Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery (BCDR).

The session covers:

  • How to be protected by managing and securing all IT endpoints and mitigating cyberthreats with the right expert support.
  • Common misunderstandings about data protection and tenant security responsibility in Microsoft 365.
  • Why Microsoft 365 tenants are more vulnerable to compromise when compared with other cloud services.
  • How account compromise leads to tenant compromise.
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