Complying with SaaS Data Management Principles: Australia and New Zealand

The rapid adoption of cloud and SaaS technologies around the globe is mirrored in the adoption of those technologies in Australia, bringing issues to the fore regarding data protection, data ownership, data privacy, and data sovereignty. The proliferation of SaaS solutions, and SaaS data in particular, are now the focus of much legal, political, and corporate discussion, resulting in the creation of new policies and compliance standards for SaaS data management.

What are the key considerations and primary regulatory issues that organisations must consider as they prepare to adopt services such as Microsoft Office 365? How does IT help ensure that not only their organisation, but their SaaS application vendors, are compliant with data sovereignty regulations?


  • What to do now—including a “SaaS Provider Checklist” for Australian IT organisations who are vetting SaaS vendors.
  • How to assess risks from potential gaps in SaaS providers’ services and security.
  • Some ramifications of data sovereignty and data residency requirements that are critical for those adopting SaaS and cloud technologies.
  • What the evolution of, and disintermediation of, IT from on-premise to SaaS means for those concerned with compliance for SaaS data.
  • The current state of cloud and SaaS adoption in Australia.