Getting your cloud strategy on solid ground: Protect data in cloud apps with PHI

We know that your industry continues to be saddled with increasing demands: better, faster, more affordable care and implementation of the latest technologies, while also maintaining strict privacy and security standards. In service of these goals, many healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical organizations, and other entities managing protected health information are turning to cloud technology to increase agility, connectivity, and accessibility. SaaS applications like G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, and Veeva are revolutionizing healthcare operations, but proper data protection, especially of PHI, remains a top concern for administrators.

If you too are concerned with your organization’s compliance, data protection, and privacy of information, read this whitepaper to:

  • Better understand your relationship with your selected cloud vendor
  • Learn a few notable gaps in the native data protection provided by cloud providers
  • Discover how to fill those gaps in order to ensure compliance with HIPAA and other standards surrounding data protection, retention, and accessibility

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