Preventing a Ransomware Disaster

Ransomware is a threat to businesses that costs millions of dollars each year and continues to grow in sophistication. Using a variety of attacks, including targeted emails and infected websites, criminals can inject malware into your network, which then holds your data or other systems hostage until you pay a ransom. It’s very difficult to block every ransomware attack, so many experts, including the FBI, advise organizations to have a layered defense with protected backups to enable a fast recovery.

Organizations following this advice often focus on key internal systems and forget about their endpoints—desktops and laptops—and SaaS applications, like G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, which contain data that is critical for employees to function. Fortunately, Spanning Backup protects your SaaS applications from data loss with easy-to-deploy, efficient, backup and restore solutions for G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, and Salesforce.


Download the white paper to learn:

  • How ransomware infects and spreads across devices and data;
  • How to prevent a data loss disaster with the right processes and technologies in place; and,
  • How a trusted backup solution like Spanning Backup allows you to quickly recover if and when ransomware strikes.