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Costs associated with major data loss incidents and non-compliance vary widely. Since providing any sort of typical or average costs is impossible, we are leaving this out of our ROI model. These factors should, however, be a key factor in your backup buying process.

Direct Costs

The costs your business incurs in activities and processes to address identification and management of a data loss incident.

  • Detection of an incident and escalation within the organization
  • Notifying stakeholders about the data loss
  • Response to data loss

Indirect Costs

Costs associated with lost business resulting from data loss.

  • Downtime costs
  • Insider threat costs
  • Reputation costs

Non-Compliance Costs

Costs related to failure to meet legal regulations or contractual service level agreements.

  • Penalties
  • Legal fees
  • Employee training re-certification costs



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Total Number of Email Users

Cost of Lost Email and Documents on Productivity

Information workers spend an average of 4.5 hours a week looking for documents. Half of those 4.5 hours are spent searching for and not finding the files they need.

Average information worker hourly cost in the US is $22.50.

Average annual per user savings with Office 365 backup: $1170.

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Total Annual Revenue

Cost of Lost Email and Documents on Revenue

Office 365 is the primary communication tool for many businesses when reaching out to buyers and customers. Lost emails and documents impact revenue. The transaction size and volume, customer value, and churn rates vary across different businesses.

A reduction in lost emails will result in at least a 0.5% improvement in revenue.

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Annual Number of Helpdesk Tickets

Cost of Data Restoration on IT Productivity

Lost Office 365 emails and documents account for at least 10% of help desk requests.

The average ticket cost across North America is $15.56, with a low of $2.93 and a high of $46.69.

Email restoration is complex and falls on the higher end of help desk ticket costs at $30.

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