Spanning vs. Veeam

Veeam Customers are Making the Switch to Spanning

Why Spanning?


More Secure than Veeam

Spanning accesses Office 365 at the application level (OAuth 2.0) instead of less secure service accounts which require administrative privileges and a stored password susceptible to being stolen or compromised.


Integrated Dark Web Monitoring

Provides front-line protection against cybertheft and fraud by alerting administrators of compromised or stolen employee credentials, enabling them to take proactive steps to secure those accounts before malicious activity occurs.


Faster and Easier to Install and Use

Installs in minutes and unique in its ability to enable end-users as well as administrators to quickly find and restore data to its original state in just a few clicks.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Spanning is purpose-built for Office 365 and a native cloud solution, therefore faster and easier to install, not requiring the hardware, installed software, network bandwidth, data center space, management and maintenance of a Veeam implementation.

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