Backup for Microsoft 365 Mail

Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365

Backup for Microsoft 365 Mail - Protect the Data You Depend Upon

Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 performs automatic backups of Exchange Online mailboxes, ensuring access to your critical data in the event of a data loss. Storage is provided so that all previous versions of mail are retained, and so that end users have the ability to view a “snapshot” of any past version and restore some or all of their email from that backup. They can also search across backups to find specific lost emails.


Flexible Choices for Restoring Mail

To ensure the ability to quickly and accurately restore mail, Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 captures point-in-time snapshots that include metadata like folder structure and categories. A cross-user restore capability allows admins to non-destructively restore mail from one account to another in the event an employee leaves the organization or if employee roles or responsibilities change.

Reporting and Alerts

Transparent status reporting provides admins confidence in the completeness of their backups, with visibility into an problems experienced along with guidance to resolve them.

Mobile-Friendly UI

Our user interface is designed to match the way busy admins work – anytime, anywhere, on any devices, from phone to tablet to laptop to desktop.