Data Safeguarded.

Work in the cloud with confidence, knowing Spanning Backup is protecting all the critical data you keep in G Suite, Salesforce, and Office 365.

Industry-Leading SaaS Data Protection

Spanning offers a suite of products designed to back up the most commonly used SaaS applications. With the industry’s most trusted, reliable backup and recovery for the following SaaS applications:

Spanning Backup for Office 365: Enterprise-Grade Data Protection

Spanning Backup for Office 365 frees you to do what Office 365 was meant to help you do: collaborate with colleagues, anywhere and anytime – without fear of losing all the critical data you keep in the cloud. Daily backups keep your data safe and keep you on top of changes and versioning automatically.

If anything ever happens to your data, the restore button is your lifesaver. You can use it to recover any past version of a file, so you’ll get back the version you need exactly as it existed at whatever point in time you’re looking for. And you’ll get it back in no time.  

Spanning Backup for G Suite

Spanning Backup For G Suite: 100% Restore Guarantee

Spanning Backup for G Suite automatically backs up the data you keep in Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Calendar, Contacts, and Sites – every single day. You don’t even have to think about it; just “set it and forget it.” (You can also back it up on demand anytime.)

If your data is ever damaged or destroyed, you’ll be able to get it back with just a few quick clicks, guaranteed. Our 100% Restore Guarantee for G Suite is the first ever offered for a cloud application or SaaS data, and it’s raising the bar for backup and recovery as no other solution has ever done before.



Spanning Backup for Salesforce: In-App Backup and Restore

Spanning Backup for Salesforce puts an end to tedious, time-consuming weekly data exports, with the world’s first in-app solution for Salesforce backup and restore. Your data – including all metadata – is automatically backed up every day (not just every week), making data protection literally effortless on your part.

Even better, rapid restore after data loss or damage does more than just recover the data in Salesforce. It restores it fully from any point in time, putting everything back exactly as it was before with just a few quick clicks. You’ll never have to painstakingly reconstruct another Salesforce file again.


The peace of mind we now have in the IT department makes our work so much more efficient.

Arne Plum

Data & Applications Specialist, VIF International Education

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Pricing for Spanning Backup

Our pricing structure is based on a per user, per year cost and is designed to accommodate the needs of all users – individuals and companies, regardless of type, size or flavor. Whether you’re an individual or domain customer, Spanning Backup provides full business-class protection for all your SaaS data including automated, daily and on-demand backups, point-in-time recovery, easy-to-use search and restore, industry-leading security, and unlimited storage. Spanning Backup pricing discounts available for volume and multi-year purchases. Please contact us for more information.