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Comprehensive data protection. Simple recovery. Built in trust and transparency. Work in the cloud with confidence.

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Organizations lose SaaS data every day. SaaS vendors protect your data from issues on their side — outages due to server failure, malware and hacking, and infrastructure failures. But they cannot protect you from you (or your end users). See the top 7 ways organizations lose SaaS data.

Built from the start for SaaS enterprise

Total protection
We store every facet of your data so you’re ready to bounce back from any data loss event.
Simple recovery
Backup is one thing. Recovery is everything. More than an archive, Spanning puts you back in business fast with intuitive restore tools.
Unlimited storage
Enjoy unlimited space and unlimited versions that remain as long as you protect your data with Spanning.
100% transparency
It’s your data. Expect detailed, honest status reports and audit logs on demand.
Bedrock security
Spanning ensures the integrity and safety of your data with industry-leading layers of technical, operational, and physical security. Learn more.
Global datacenters
Our facilities in the EU and Australia satisfy regional regulatory and data sovereignty requirements while improving latency in many cases.

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Our Customer Reviews

    
The most important thing Spanning Backup has allowed us to do is focus on our business… When something just works – the way Spanning Backup does – that’s quite refreshing.
Garry Lengthorn, Director of IT Services
    
How can you put a cost on the ability to restore a business-critical email for one of your executives within minutes? Spanning Backup for Office 365 has given me the peace of mind that we will always have the data we need at our fingertips.
Todd Miller, Director of IT
Millar, Inc.
    
We love Spanning. Easy to use, accurate, complete. We are becoming BIG users of Team Drive now that the Drive Stream is online (> 10TB so far) so we are very happy that Spanning is backing that up.
John Lees, IT Team Lead
Safe Software Inc.

One Plan, every feature

$48 /user/year
Volume pricing available

No tiers, just the best Spanning has to offer:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Smart admin tools
  • Detailed reporting

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Understand Cloud-To-Cloud Backup

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Learn about our backup and recovery solutions for G Suite, Office 365 and Salesforce, and why Spanning Backup is the right choice to protect your business.


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