Spanning Backup for G Suite

Protect all your data in Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Calendars, Contacts and Sites from costly, and sometimes catastrophic, data loss with the top-rated SaaS application data and recovery solution in the G Suite Marketplace.



Use Spanning Backup for G Suite to back up your data automatically every day – or on demand. With enterprise-grade, robust backup and recovery capabilities, it protects all of your Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Calendar, Contacts and Sites data from costly, and sometimes catastrophic, data loss – allowing users to get data back exactly the way it was in just a few clicks.

We’re so confident, we give all our customers the industry’s first 100% Restore Guarantee for G Suite.

Set It and Forget It

You don’t have to lift a finger to make sure your G Suite data is reliably backed up to within a 24-hour window. Spanning Backup for G Suite backs it up automatically every single day. And it gives you the option to do additional backups at any time. You can also exert selective control over which applications, mail labels, calendars and contact groups you want to include in your backups.

Metadata backup is always part of every backup, enabling you to restore G Suite data to its full and original state – including document directory structure, nested folders, site structure, sharing and permissions settings, and more.

Backup options for everyone.

Get What You Need

Use Spanning Backup for G Suite to quickly restore exactly the data you need from any point in time. You have the flexibility to access historical snapshots or versions of data and restore to any previous known-good state with 100% accuracy.

You can also set custom labels to make restores easy to find; select emails for restore by date, label, sender, or subject; and export entire restored accounts or just selected parts (files, emails, folders).

The quick Drive search and navigation capability lets you find and restore files from any point in time in their My Drive or Team Drive folders. 


Find it easily. Restore it immediately.

Have It Your Way

Advanced administrator options include the ability to manage licensing at the individual level or organizational unit level; set email retention policies (excluding certain labels if you choose to); and prevent users from changing backup settings.  

To make sure new users are protected from day one, administrators can integrate Spanning Backup for G Suite into automated onboarding and de-provisioning processes, as well as automatically add licenses for new users.

Anyone can be assigned to be a backup admin, even someone who’s not a G Suite admin. And they can be either a Help Desk Admin or a Super Admin with broader powers.

Full control over your domain’s backups.

Keep Tabs On Backups

Enjoy complete confidence in your backups with a detailed, actionable status history you can use to monitor backup activity.  It comes complete with error-correction instructions that allow you to easily resolve backup errors.

You can also set email notification frequency preferences – daily, weekly, monthly, or not at all – for proactive automated backup status summaries. Spanning Backup for G Suite also maintains an immutable, detailed record of all administrator actions that’s viewable from the admin dashboard.

Finally – honest status updates you can trust.




It’s so easy to learn to back up G Suite using Spanning Backup, we only need five minutes to show you everything you need to know.

Join us on a tour that includes easy-to-understand explanations of all the features, how-to content for users and admins, and information to help ensure you get the most from the software.






Our approach is designed to provide businesses of all types and sizes with full protection for their data in G Suite.

Pricing starts at $48/user/year with discounts for volume and multi-year purchases, and 25% off for qualified nonprofits. Contact us for a quote today.



Like what you see? Try a non-restricted version of Spanning Backup for G Suite free for 14 days. When you’re ready to purchase, simply convert your trial licenses to paid licenses, and your backups will continue seamlessly.



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