Backup for G Suite

Enterprise-class, automated backup and recovery that you can trust for Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Calendars, Contacts, and Sites.

Protect your G Suite data, and your business

with the highest-rated backup and recovery solution in the G Suite Marketplace. Designed from the start for G Suite, Spanning makes backup effortless and recovery click-simple. It’s all protected with industry standard privacy, security, and compliance — guaranteed!

Trusted by more than 1.4 million users.


Why You Need SaaS Backup

Human Error
Illegitimate Deletion
Programatic Errors
Malicious Insiders
Malware and Ransomware


Comprehensive protection
Back it all up: GmailDrive (including Team Drives)CalendarsContacts, and Sites with no limits on storage or number of backups.
Spanning runs in the background, providing daily, automated backup of G Suite data for users in your org.

On-demand backup
Spanning gives you the flexibility to also run a manual backup at any time for Gmail, Drive, Team Drives, Calendars, Contacts or Sites data for any user. There are no limits on how many on-demand backups you can run.
Status monitoring
Check your Spanning dashboard for the state of your most recent backups. Receive status notifications through daily, weekly or monthly emails.
Transparent reporting
Use the audit log for an immutable, detailed record of every action done by any user within Spanning.


SSAE 16 Compliance
Strong Encryption
Global Datacenters
Intrusion Detection
Compartmentalized Access
HIPAA Compliance
99.9% Uptime
Virtual Private Cloud
GDPR Compliant
Built on Amazon Web Service (AWS)
UE-EU Privacy Shield Certified


100% restore guarantee
Restore G Suite data backed up by Spanning accurately, or we’ll give you 10x the money back. Read on for details.
Point-in-time restore
Restore Drive and Team Drive content from any point-in-time backup including sharing settings. Admins can also restore the data to a different user.
Granular, search-based restore
Recover select files and emails by browsing, searching, or filtering based on your criteria. Then restore just what’s needed to get back to work.
Team Drives restore
Restore your Team Drives data including folder structure and sharing settings.
Cross-user restore
Easily restore data from one user account into another to simplify employee on-boarding and off-boarding.
End user self-restores
Save IT time and lower help desk costs by empowering your G Suite end users with Spanning Backup and Recovery. End users  can restore their own lost or misplaced emails, files, folders and content in Gmail and Drive (including Team Drives) with minimal training and no IT intervention. You can even delegate Help Desk Admin rights to regular (non G Suite Admin) users, such as HR personnel.

One Simple Plan, Every Feature

$48 /user / year

volume pricing available
for unlimited storage of all your G Suite data


  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited versions
  • Automated daily backups
  • On-demand backups
  • Gmail backup
  • Drive backup
  • Team Drives backup
  • Calendars backup
  • Contacts backup
  • Sites backup
  • Shared files backup


  • 100% restore guarantee
  • Point-in-time restore
  • Search-based restore
  • Label-base restore
  • Granular email restore
  • Granular folder and file restore
  • Sharing settings restore
  • Cross-user restore
  • Whole account exports
  • Piecemeal downloads
  • End user self-service restore

Administration & Reporting

  • Backup history dashboard
  • Granular backup controls
  • Error correction suggestions
  • Status update emails
  • Immutable audit log
  • Email retention policies
  • Named user access controls
  • Super-Admin, Help Desk Admins options
  • Individual license management
  • Organizational license management
  • Administrator API

Estimate Your Cost

Volume pricing available

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** Team Drives protection requires 90% user coverage


The biggest benefit Spanning has brought to us as an organization is a reduction in overall stress around backup. It simply works - every time.
National IT Manager
It’ll pay its biggest dividends at the most stressful moments in the future.
Founder and CEO
You can go back months or years and restore a file or folder in minutes.
Global Google Technical Lead
Spanning Backup for G Suite is so easy, it’s ridiculous.
Learning Technologies Senior Manager
Spanning’s backup solution really freed up our time to deliver services at the speed at which the pharmaceutical industry demands.
Director of IA
The fact that Spanning backs up everything, not just data, really provides peace of mind for our team.
Business Systems Administrator
When it comes to backup, there’s no question you have to do it. So, the only question is how you do it, and for that, I strongly recommend Spanning.
Systems Administrator
Spanning Backup is a great product that fills a gap G Suite doesn’t address.
Network Manager
As both an administrator and a user, Spanning provides me with an unparalleled backup and restore solution.
IT Specialist
Spanning Backup for G Suite offers features, usability, price and support that are second to none.
Manager of Messaging and Collaboration
Working with Spanning Backup has required nearly zero effort on our part. It just works, every day.
Technology Coordinator
Knowing that Spanning Backup is going to be there when we need it, makes me worry a lot less about the safety of my data.
IT Manager
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