CORE Education | Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

Pushing the boundaries of education in both English and Māori with Spanning by their side. Tēnā koutou.

Natural disasters are near impossible to predict and are extremely difficult to plan for. That’s where having Spanning Backup for Google Workspace in place can help.

After the devastating Christchurch Earthquakes in 2011 that caused massive destruction to buildings and key infrastructure in the region, CORE Education, a world-class professional learning and development consultancy, were drawn to the data persistence of the cloud.

Spanning is the best tool on the market for the price, performance and features. We have selected Spanning for the last four years based on all our criteria.
— AARON KITTO, National IT manager, CORE Education

Founded in 2003, CORE Edu offers a suite of innovative, empowering, and transformational services in both English and Māori education. Tātai Aho Rau, which relates to the weaving, layering and binding of many to create strength, is CORE Edu’s driving philosophy.

Moving to Google Workspace made on-prem and traditional methods of backup obsolete. After a thorough search, the educational organization chose Spanning for its ease of use and proven reliability and resiliency in cloud-to-cloud backup.

The biggest benefit Spanning has brought to us as an organization is a reduction in overall stress around backup. It simply works – every time.
— AARON KITTO, National IT manager, CORE Education

CORE Edu was quick to realize that backing up and restoring data in the cloud is just as important as it was when they were running their servers on-prem.

Without a complete backup and restore solution for your cloud applications, IT managers are often left without the ability to perform these key functions – which can have an extremely negative effect on productivity.

“If there is an event and you lose all your data from your services, you will close. Even a cloud-based event with lockers and cryptos requires significant recovery time, effort and money (and skills),” Kitto explains.

Having a cloud-to-cloud backup and restore solution in place like Spanning Backup for Google Workspace makes backup and recovery simple.

“Day-to-day events also happen in an organization, such as users deleting data by accident or on purpose, either from recently or from years ago, often needs to be recovered quickly under duress.”

With Spanning in place, Kitto and his team are able to tackle their ambitious missions without having to worry about data loss.

Users are able to self-recover with Spanning Backup meaning less IT Staff time is required to support these actions.
— AARON KITTO, National IT manager, CORE Education

When CORE Edu, for example, recently transferred from a third-party spam filter to the Google Spam filter, the third-party filter started to delete all of their emails across all users on the domain. “We were able to catch it, disable and recover from Spanning all the lost emails and data,” Kitto said.

Data loss doesn’t need to be a data disaster, when you have Spanning Backup in place.


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