Educators’ jobs are already among the most important and challenging on Earth without having to worry about data protection in the cloud. But if you don’t back up Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or Salesforce data, you may be at risk of losing critical student data, research files, and more. We created Spanning Backup to protect against data loss due to anything from human error to ransomware – so you can focus on what you do best: educating, researching and inspiring.

Spanning Backup requires no effort with setup or to restore data

We’ve been running email and file servers for a long time, and we know that restoring data is part of what we have to do, either due to accidental deletions or on orders from our attorney and you can’t call Google and ask them to restore a critical email. Spanning Backup has required nearly zero effort on our part. It just works, every day. Google protects us against system-wide catastrophic failures, but it doesn’t protect us from ourselves.

— BRIAN GRAY, Technology Coordinator, St. Stephen’s Episcopal School

87% of educational establishments have experienced at least one successful cyberattack. – VMWare

Spanning Backup solutions provide automated, daily backups that store information in a private and secure sector of the cloud. Our solutions include a restore process so simple that even non-technical end users can recover their own data without calling in an IT expert. With installation in less than a minute and video tutorials to walk you through the process, you can confidently use the cloud to work and communicate collaboratively without concern about disappearing data.

Proudly Protecting Students and Faculty Around the World


Spanning Backup protects critical data and makes self-restore easy

Spanning Backup protects confidential student data and work that could mean the difference between passing and failing their exams. A loss of data could impact their whole lives. Spanning Backup is a great product and is very intuitive for end-users to restore their own data.

— RICHARD EDWARDS, Network Manager, Clifton College

Why K-12 Schools, Universities and Colleges Choose Spanning

Educational organizations are the #1 to suffer most ransomware attacks – Sophos

Your backup is only as good as your restore. At Spanning, we consider scale, reliability and resiliency in everything we do.

We’ve designed Spanning Backup to be simple to use — from start to finish. If you have questions, our support team is ultra-responsive and will go the extra mile to get your problem solved, including bringing in engineers if needed. We understand your organization stores sensitive and personal information, so we protect your data with industry-leading security credentials.

Spanning Backup ensures compliance and easy license management

We rely on Spanning Backup for Google Workspace to quickly restore data for compliance. Adding licenses and managing users are important because there’s always a group of employees that changes with each payroll period and Spanning Backup simplifies licensing and user management.

— BRIAN VAN VLIMMEREN, Learning Technologies Senior Manager, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

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NOTICE: Spanning no longer supports backup of individual Gmail accounts.For more information on this, please see this Knowledge Base article.

Our Products

80% of respondents cited backup and disaster recovery as the top IT priority in their organizations. – Spanning

Spanning Backup is known for its market-leading restore capabilities, allowing even end-users to quickly and easily recover any version of data from any point in time in just a few clicks. We have developed the most fine-tuned and user-friendly restore process available, allowing you to get back to work in a matter of seconds or minutes—not weeks or months—when data loss inevitably happens.

  • Spanning Backup for Google Workspace keeps faculty, staff, and students collaborating by protecting their files with the top-rated Google Workspace backup and restore solution.
  • Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365 brings enterprise-grade backup together with point-in-time restore across desktop, tablet, and mobile environments.
  • Spanning Backup for Salesforce protects vital prospect, student, alumni, donor, and affiliate data – and metadata – with daily, automated backup and rapid, on-page restore.

Spanning Backup saves IT Teams time

Spanning Backup for Google Workspace offers features, usability, price, and support that are second to none. Spanning Backup has saved us valuable time and resources from managing our own data protection services. By covering more than just email, it also allows us to safeguard other important documents and data, such as websites. The training window to get someone up and running on Spanning Backup is minutes. Using Spanning Backup has allowed me to focus my time and energy on improving and developing new services for our users and community, comfortable that the ‘headache’ of data protection is being handled so well and so thoroughly.

— CHRISTOPHER GLEESON, Manager of Messaging and Collaboration, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland