Backup for OneNote

Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365

OneNote Backup — Protect Your Ideas

Microsoft OneNote is the “killer app” for digital note taking, ideation, organization, task delegation, white boarding and so much more. OneNote Notebooks synchronized with OneDrive or SharePoint can be shared with a team and collaboratively edited taking the pain out of capturing critical decisions in real time.

Spanning Backup for Microsoft 365  automatically performs daily backups of all OneNote files owned by users in OneDrive and teams in SharePoint and Teams. End users or admins can view a snapshot of OneNote files in the same way they view all other files. They can also search across backups to finds specific lost files. With Spanning Backup, a file is a file. In the case of critical OneNote Notebooks, you can restore a single Page, a Section, Section Group or entire Notebook.

Key Features for Microsoft OneNote Backup

  • Automated and on-demand backup: OneNote files are included in the automated daily backup and the manual backups
  • Granular restore: Allow users to view snapshots of OneNote Notebook backups, and easily find and restore Sections, Section Groups, and Notebooks
  • Non-destructive restore: Restore deleted or lost notes without overwriting existing data
  • Search and restore: Search within backups and across backups to find and restore any version of OneNote files; and,
  • Cross-user and Cross-site restore: Restore data back to the same account, same site, or to any other account or site on the Microsoft 365  tenant.