The Summer 2023 Continuity Cookbook

The summer is here! Get ready to liven up your spirits and enjoy a stress-free holiday.

As an IT administrator, you have a lot of responsibilities to take care of — SaaS data protection shouldn’t be one of them, especially not during summer vacation.

The Summer 2023 Continuity Cookbook is dedicated to IT pros like you who work tirelessly round the clock to ensure business and data remain safe and protected.

This cookbook includes carefully picked cocktail recipes and market-leading SaaS backup and recovery solutions to spice up your summer and data protection — all at the same time.

Say goodbye to data protection complexities and say cheers to worry-free summer holidays. Discover how Spanning automates backup and recovery tasks, helps to find and recover lost data quickly and empowers you to work with confidence in the cloud.

The 2023 Summer Continuity Cookbook covers:
• No more getting salty over lost files with end-user self-service recovery (Salty Dog Cocktail)
• Smash the dark web with integrated credentials exposure monitoring (Gin Basil Smash)
• Spice up your Microsoft 365 data protection (Spicy Margarita)
• And more

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