Attack! Marketing User Story: Spanning Backup for Google Workspace

One of INC 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies Relies on Spanning to Avoid Data Loss Disasters

Intuitive, Easy Backup and Restore

I’d recommend Spanning Backup because it is the most user-friendly solution out there, and because working with Spanning is so easy.
— JENNIFER HOOKER, VP Operations, Attack! Marketing

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We’re using all the capabilities of Spanning Backup, and we can’t think of a single aspect of the solution that could or should be changed.
— JENNIFER HOOKER, VP Operations, Attack! Marketing

Mitigate Data Loss Risks Reliably and Easily with Spanning

The statistics are ominous for SMBs – 58% of small businesses are not prepared for data loss, companies lose $100,000+ per ransomware incident due to downtime and 60% of companies who experience data loss shut down within six months.

Attack! Marketing understands the ever-looming risk of data loss and found that the best defense is a robust backup solution. “Proper backup of company data is crucial,” says Jennifer Hooker, Attack!’s vice president of operations. “Despite the reliability of a company’s data storage system, there is still the possibility that data can be lost. Without the proper backup and recovery solution, the process of recovering data may cause a much bigger headache than if the data was protected.”

Attack! uses the full suite of Google Workspace and routinely backs up that data daily with Spanning Backup. “We chose Spanning Backup because of the intuitive UI and the ease with which we can restore data,” says Hooker. With Spanning, Attack! keeps data current, intact and – most importantly – easy to recover when someone urgently needs a particular email or document that’s been deleted. Frequent, automated backups and easy restores have on several occasions meant the difference between a disastrous loss and a quick, simple fix.


Reliable Backup. Responsive Customer Support.

Spanning’s automated, daily backup is easy enough to, “set it and forget it” and its restores can be self-serviced by the end user. Yet it also provides flexible restore options such as cross-user, granular, and point-in-time restore. Since implementation, Spanning has prevented at least two disasters related to email loss at Attack!, saving employees hours of work and stress.

My favorite feature of Spanning Backup is the email backup and restore service. It has already prevented two issues and saved hours of stress so far this year.
— JENNIFER HOOKER, VP Operations, Attack! Marketing

“I would recommend it for anyone thinking about using a backup service, that they implement it sooner, rather than later, as you never know when you’re going to need a deleted email or document,” Hooker says. “I have personally been saved after emails or documents have been deleted, because I’ve had Spanning Backup to restore them.”

Beyond the quality and reliability of the backup solution itself, customer service and support were also critical factors in Attack!’s choice of Spanning. “I’ve worked with other backup solution companies, and Spanning is the greatest at serving its customers and assisting with their needs in a timely manner,” Hooker says. “We’ve had the best overall experience with them.”


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